About Us

C2C Plastics is backed by over 30+ years of experience in the plastics industry utilizing state of the art technology with innovation and are aligning ourselves to the demanding requirements of our customers. Today, C2C Plastics is capable of delivering products and services in the most efficient and meaningful manner to our customers. C2C Plastics was established in 2018 in beautiful Wilmington NC, USA.

C2C Plastics is a total solutions high volume company offering many options to meet your demands, which in turn makes the decision making process simpler and more streamlined for the customer. We bring over 30+ years of tool manufacturing knowledge as well as 30+ years of Plastics Processing and knowhow to you. We are Master Molder 1 & 2 trained as well as Scientific Decoupled Molding. We know tooling and can improve tooling to run at the most efficient manner as well as ensuring repeatability in the process. This ensures customers receive no variations in the product dimensionally and/or functionally.

Consider C2C Plastics for the following:

  • New Tooling RFQ’s
  • Transfer Tooling
  • Product Design
  • Tooling Design
  • Production Needs

We are here to meet your demands, C2C Plastics wants to align with you and make life easier for their customers. We offer full SOLIDWORKS design capabilities, engineering and design solutions, 3D print prototyping capabilities, prototype tooling, pilot tooling, new tooling design and tool manufacturing. We have brand new all electric Fanuc Roboshot injection molding machines available at your disposal to meet your demands.


Our mission at C2C Plastics, Inc. is to ensure the highest customer satisfaction in providing top quality products and services. This will be achieved through utilizing the latest technologies and developments in injection molding, tool manufacturing and design with the highest engineering standards and quality assurance to exceed customer expectations.