Quality Capabilities

We believe a Quality Management System is process based to focus on customer service, improved performance, and continuous improvement and take pride in delivering quality products on time in full to our customers.  

Our Quality management system guides our efforts as an organization to achieve this goal using PPAP (Production part approval process) method. Our PPAP submission levels provides the capability to consistently produce the quality parts.  

As part of PPAP system, we believe in establishing initial process studies which are to include Statistical process control (SPC) charts on all characteristics of the product. These studies demonstrate the stabilities of processes and variation from the nominal values. 

Our standards include a sampling plan based on batch size and inspection levels. One of the main statistical tool in part inspection is Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) which is used to assure the product quality based on international inspection standards. We also have established Lot Acceptance Sampling Plans (LASP) which include single and double sampling plans such that the operating characteristic curve (OC) curve of our production yields a high probability of acceptance at particular AQL.  

C2C Plastics, Inc. extends its commitment to using these standards towards our equipment and machinery into their quality department. Our measuring equipment permits precise measurement and comparison of parts with in both production and quality assurance processes.   

Examples of our testing devices included below, but not limited to the following: 

  • CP and CPK capability standards 
  • CMM Mapping 
  • Thread Gauges 
  • Force Gauges 
  • Go-No Go Gauges 
  • Pin Gauges 
  • Micrometers 
  • Dial Indicators 
  • AQL Standards 



Our mission at C2C Plastics, Inc. is to ensure the highest customer satisfaction in providing top quality products and services. This will be achieved through utilizing the latest technologies and developments in injection molding, tool manufacturing and design with the highest engineering standards and quality assurance to exceed customer expectations.